Lilly Shapiro is Introducing Well Made Jewellery from Better Material for a Stronger Tomorrow.

Golden Owl earrings Collection

Tourmaline Earrings in 18k yellow Gold 
Cushion Cut Pinkish Orange Natural Tourmaline: total weight 7.15ct approximately
PRICE: £3,950

Design Name: Golden Owl earrings Collection 
Special Features: Hardness Tourmaline 7-7.5 ( Mohs Scale 1-10 ). According to one Egyptian legend, the tourmaline passed over a rainbow as it made its way up from the centre of the earth, and took on all the colours for itself. Another legend states that magicians in the Andes mountains crafted magical staffs of tourmaline which contained ancient knowledge of the world.


Gold Diamond  Earrings in 18k yellow Gold
Diamonds: G/VS2/0.10ct
Design Name: Sunflower
PRICE: £1,250
Special Features: I have put sparkly Diamonds around the centre to give the earrings a twinkle.